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Seeds of Springtime

After planting the seeds of springtime it’s a time of growth!  
Dear friends,  
Sending out a big celebratory “Whoop whoop for summertime!”  My family and I are moving more on the bikes and enjoying walks with our dog.  We have expanded our habitat to being outdoors as much as possible.   
After planting the seeds of springtime it’s a time of growth! 
We are also getting our brains working with some good books and natures Vit D to support our immunity.

Clinically I have been seeing more digestive issues stressing the chest (heart and lungs). 
A patient came in last week who had loose stools and headaches. By working in line with the meridians, we were able to eliminate the headache she had walked in with. 
I asked if she had shortness of breath, she answered “no, but I can breathe easier now!”.  
Tension reduces function, releasing tension in the upper back affecting the lung; frees the dam in the river.  
The heart also feels the pressure when our digestion is out of balance.   We will spend the next two months correcting her digestive imbalance via oral enzyme support and acupuncture.   

Best in health,   Sarah Atkinson Lac,MSOM