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Welcome to 2022! 

I’m seeing so many healthy people pushing ahead of this season by staying active, eating well and staying hydrated.  I’m so impressed with how resilient our systems are, with all this external irritation.  Lymph nodes are full so we move and drain them.  Livers are nauseous so we course/move them.  Intestines have to detox so we improve their functioning.  Keeping our blood/lymph node moving keeps our systems moving forward through this environment.  We see heavy loads systemically, but we are carrying them until we can find a way to dump these toxins.  Bravo ladies and gentlemen you are getting the work done!
I am constantly learning in the clinic and love what I do!  I’m studying how to better help lungs where there is mold injury.  We are always gaining more knowledge on immune health and how we can assist bodily injury as well as stay strong in prevention.  Don’t forget to support your system by being acutely aware of initial signs/symptoms of illness and calling your acupuncturist ASAP to disperse any viral load before it gets into your deeper levels.  Gargle, irrigate ears and use salt water nasal flushing to keep your upper respiratory systems clean for example.  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your healthcare team!


Sarah Atkinson L.Ac. MSOM