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Summer Tips

Summer Tips by Sarah

Lets Get our Immunity up!

Immunity is a valuable asset in our bodies and it is only as strong as you make it!  Here are a few tips for building up your immune system to fight back at allergies, viruses and inflammation. 

  • Drink a glass of water with lemon first thing in the am-  Tip: Leave it by your bedside at night so you drink it upon waking.
  • Asking your acupuncturist for a cleanse to increase your immunity.  An overworked detox organ such as your liver may have trouble filtering toxins and has the job of cleansing metals, viruses, harmful bacteria and metabolizing fats.  If the liver can’t remove harmful toxins they re-enter the bloodstream and stress the lymphatic system(liver, lymph and intestines which are the three major detox systems)
  • Eating spirulina, barley, fruits and juicing veggies such as celery help too.  Limiting sugars to natural only  (eg. maple syrup, honey and molasses)
  • Stay away from high fat trendy diets, due to the liver’s sluggish nature we worry that the fats will further weigh down the livers’ function.
  • Infections can linger dormant and come out when our immune system becomes weakened.  Many times our bodies give us signs and symptoms of something brewing by showing acne, irregular bowels, sore throat, sneezing and chronic drippy nose. 
  • Sweat it out! 30 min. of cardio a day- walking, running, cleaning, yoga, swimming, biking
    1. If you push it too far and get sore exercising we utilize acupuncture for therapeutic recovery

Circulatory/Heart Health

When it’s warm outside we tend to forget that the summer heat can sneak up on us and our hydration levels can plummet quickly.  Sun and heat can cause us to lose precious fluids that nourish our blood.  When our fluid levels drop our pump(heart) can sputter or palpate and act in a subtle but hyperactive manner.   Take notice if you start to feel light headed, dizzy, dry mouth, anxiety, palpitations or insomnia!

Pregnancy Support

Reminder… all those who know of a pregnant momma or maybe are one yourself,  remember to be gentle with your mind/body through the pregnancy.  Please call us!  We are happy to help you stay your best pre and post labor!

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