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Letter from Sarah on Acupuncture for Pain Management

Acupuncture for Pain Management     I’m so excited to share some exciting information with you regarding tendon/muscle health! The idea of pain management for inflammation through acupuncture is hitting the healthcare scene as referrals stream in via Western medical clinicians. The most common musculoskeletal conditions are low back pain, arthritis and myofascial pain.   … Continued

Self Help Suggestions for Depression and Anxiety

Eating well not only brings a balance to your body, but there are also specific foods to work in to your diet to create a state of sustained happiness!  Folks who eat more trans-fats (fats present in artificial form in industrially-produced pastries and fast food) have an increase risk of depression. It’s a good idea … Continued

Get Quick Pain Relief with Acupuncture

See what our pain therapists can do to help your body by free of pain!  We use proven Asian medical techniques for increasing circulation and reducing discomfort.  This process takes just a small amount of time and energy to produce amazing results!  We have confidence in your body’s ability to heal and correct imbalances.  Everyone … Continued

Arthritis & Acupuncture

Painful Obstruction Syndrome aka Arthritis We are talking about arthritis tonight for our community outreach class at 5:30 at Healthy Living Acupuncture!  I’ll give you a sneak peak at what we’ll be discussing.  There are two types of arthritis that I see most commonly in the Spring time. Generally speaking, an environment of Wind cold … Continued

Cupping for Cough & Cold!

Question: How does cupping feelI? Answer: It does not hurt, just a gentle suction. I see lots of viruses trying to take over our sensitive lung tissues this week!  I look to cupping and Asian Medicine for my immune system.  If I cup your upper back, I can encourage your lung tissue to disperse your … Continued