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Happy Spring!

Dear HLA friends,Happy Spring!Spring liver season is here! The spring season is connected to the TCM concept of the feisty angry liver.  The cold winter found us with less physical activity and a heavier diet so the liver may be slow or stagnant to get moving. When the liver is overloaded, toxins can build up and lead to … Continued


Welcome to 2022!  I’m seeing so many healthy people pushing ahead of this season by staying active, eating well and staying hydrated.  I’m so impressed with how resilient our systems are, with all this external irritation.  Lymph nodes are full so we move and drain them.  Livers are nauseous so we course/move them.  Intestines have … Continued

August Update

Happy August Friends of Healthy Living Acupuncture! I’m so excited to welcome our newest family member into the world this month…I’m expecting baby girl #3! I’ll be delivering at the birthing center in Appleton after many months of preparation of making sure we were both healthy enough to proceed naturally. As an acupuncturist I’m focused on maintaining … Continued

We Are Open for Business!

Corrine is happy to share about our new Lung formula for initial respiratory distress. Please check it out: and leave any comments below! Check in next week for more supplement info and tips for taking great care of yourself!

Immunity Health

Our immune system fights for us every day.  It is the key to fighting off the viruses that are everywhere today.  The aging process is closely related to our immune systems strength.  The immune system has the task of knowing what is self(good) and that which is non self(foreign) and then destroys that which is … Continued