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August Update

Happy August Friends of Healthy Living Acupuncture!

I’m so excited to welcome our newest family member into the world this month…I’m expecting baby girl #3! I’ll be delivering at the birthing center in Appleton after many months of preparation of making sure we were both healthy enough to proceed naturally. As an acupuncturist I’m focused on maintaining the most natural methods of care involving my healthcare. I feel so fortunate to be a part of a supportive community of like-minded folks like yourself, who choose to follow their body’s natural abilities when at all possible.  

Healthcare as a choice is so powerful and even though we need to take some risks, I believe we all need to find our unique internal wisdom to make these decisions for ourselves. How many of your greatest fears actually happen? Not many have in the long history of my lifetime.  Most of my best gifts in life have come when I least expected it, so fear not!  

Moving into the final quarter of the year I’d like to stay focused on positive thoughts and words spoken. Words can be very powerful and what we say to ourselves and others bring energy. Energy medicine can reveal that the frequency of our toxic works will create hostile environments. Not enough, feeling anger, criticizing, blaming are examples of lethal words. I’m thankful for each day and for just being able to be myself. I’m a mom, friend, partner, daughter, grand-daughter and acupuncturist!

When we as acupuncturists ask our patients questions regarding health patterns, we are only using this information to understand where they are at in the past and present moments. We take this understanding and plan a treatment to coach your body towards change that will result in positive health moving forward! Stress can hurt us in many serious ways. (Eg. Ulcers, common cold, herpes, cortisol suppression (lowers antibodies). We can reduce the stress you are under by helping you make choices that are right for you. We’ll help you to bullet proof yourself from stress!

Best regards,

Sarah Atkinson L.Ac.